Made in the USA

It’s funny how certain phrases can immediately conjure up very specific images.

"Made in the USA" is one of those phrases. To us, it means quality: the golden crust of mom’s apple pie, made with fruit grown in our own backyard. It means ingenuity: from Benjamin Franklin’s discovery of electricity to today’s Apple computers. And it means pride in everything we do: the same pride we have when we stand at attention during the national anthem and the presentation of the American flag.

Here at Pivotal Health Solutions, “Made in the USA” is at the core of everything we do. Since we launched in 2005, we have quickly become an industry leader because we put a premium on the skilled craftsmen building our products from the ground up right here on U.S. soil.

We are committed to providing the highest quality products and devices in the massage, chiropractic, athletic training, physical/occupational therapy, pain management and laser therapy fields. For us, that means a commitment to hiring and keeping good people; sourcing quality, local materials; as well as maintaining environmentally sustainable practices.

We manufacture our products at our plants in the mountains of Eugene, Ore. and on the plains of Watertown, SD. Those visiting the sites can not only stroll among administrative offices, but can also visit with designers, woodworkers, steel fabricators, painters and finishers—all of whom work closely together to build and continue to improve upon the custom products in PHS’s multiple service lines.

Since 2005, the parent company has continued to add other companies to meet our niche in the complementary health care field. Our rapid expansion is in part thanks to the fact that our creative team—designers and craftsmen together—all work side by side. 

We love to hear how our American-made products are making a difference to you in your practice—and how much you appreciate our ability to think on our feet, customize a great product and ship it to you in only a few weeks from initial order.