It's a great, versatile table. It's like a one-stop shop that you can utilize for everything, whether it's taping an ankle, massaging or stretching a guy out. Plus, the people at Pivotal Health Solutions were good to work with and they were open-minded about making the table to our specs. Our chiropractor loves it for adjusting people and moving the table up and down. And it's made in the U.S.A.

Dan "Beaker" Stuck
Trainer, Hershey Bears hockey team

I really appreciate the science that PHS Chiropractic puts behind designing quality tables. I use the ES2000 every single day in my practice, and the fact that it has an elevation component allows me to drop someone low for certain manipulation techniques or to raise them high for soft tissue techniques and for examinations. It's very, very versatile-and that's something that clinicians should consider when they're buying a table because, if they're like most, they're treating a variety of issues for a variety of people. Often, patients feel more comfortable and stable on it too because it is wider than other tables. After two years and thousands of patient exams, it continues to perform very nicely.

Bradford J. Cole, DC, MS, CSCS
Cole Pain Therapy Group - www.ColePainTherapyGroup.com

I have found with the Custom Craftworks table is that it has the best balance of usefulness, stability, weight, and structural integrity out of any massage table or chair I have used over the last 25 years. The table is just light enough that it's not a hassle to put the table up and take back down to transport,. Basically in 3 moves, I can have my table set up. During a treatment I move the table a lot, and I notice that the Custom Craftworks table retains its stability. With many tables I have used in the past, the joints actually start to disintegrate with time, but the Custom Craftworks joints, cabling system and seams make it extremely sturdy. I'm very pleased with the workmanship, materials and finishing of the table. These are all things that make me feel comfortable about the Custom Craftworks brand as the official massage table and chair brand of for Reposturing

Aaron Parnell , Owner/ President
The Vitality Center / Reposturing Dynamics

Custom Craftworks builds the only portable that stands up to my work, which subjects tables to vigorous movement both vertically and horizontally. I have caused brand new tables to squeal like pigs, during my two-day workshops. Over the course of my work I have broken several other tables. This has never happened with a Custom Craftswork table because their tables have so little movement.

Shogo Mochizuki, Director
Japanese Massage and Bodywork Institute

I have been blown away with the success of the Apollo laser with my patients. It's everything I expected and more. Most of my patients show dramatic improvements in just a few visits. As a Diplomate in acupuncture, I also purchased the acupuncture probe along with my system. I have found tremendous benefit from the use of both Electro-acupuncture and of course needle, but this laser probe has been nothing short of amazing, with results often time equal to or more effective than the traditional sources of treatment.

William C Davis, DC, CCAc, FAACA, DAACA
Ennis Chiropractic

The LAST table is one of the most functionally sound and biomechanically safe tables that I have used. This table allows us to place our athletes in a stable, supported position while moving them through a full range of motion--without having to change positions. Not only is the LAST table excellent for functional rehabilitation exercises, but it can also serve as a treatment table, helping to save space in our facility.

Kyle Turner, Assistant Athletic Trainer
Kansas City Royals

The Athletic Edge's products not only helped us with making our new athletic training room state of the art, but the quality products help us achieve our goals in providing the student athlete with the best possible health care. Through great and constant communication with the people at The Athletic Edge, we were able to customize our products to best fit our needs. Thank you, The Athletic Edge, for providing us quality customer service and a GREAT product.

Bob Waller, Former Director of Sports Medicine
University of Wyoming

I have been performing spinal decompression therapy for about nine years now, and I must say that the New DOC table by Pivotal Health is by far more superior to any tables I have used in the past. The ability to correctly position the patients in antalgic posture has been a blessing. The DOC?table allows us to treat more conditions and have better outcomes with faster results. Also, we are able to do this with less poundage which is essential for reducing the "Decompression Hangover". The continuos feedback from the graph is valuable tool and lets you constantly monitor your patients reaction to the treatment. It is without a doubt the premier decompression table on the market. Thank you!

Trevor J. Swanson D.C.
Advanced Spine, Sports & Rehab - Atlanta, TX

Apollo is by FAR the best designed, most efficient and easiest to use laser I have ever seen. It is durable, reliable and theraputically superior. My patients love it, my practice and income have grown from it, and I can't imagine how I could practice without it. If you compare the features, design, trustworthiness, and VALUE of low level lasers available today, there is no better choice than the Apollo.

Dr. Mark de Dubovay
Director, Advanced Wellness Center Long Beach. CA

I find that the Epidural Positioning Device is a tremendous help in the placement of epidural catheters for our thoracic surgery.

Gloria Allen, BSN, RN, CNOR
New York Presbyterian Hospital

I have been an OB anesthesiologist for many years, and now specialize in pain management where I do lumbar steroid epidurals on a regular basis. The problem of positioning patients optimally for epidural injections is one thing, but maintaining patients in that position comfortably is especially problematic. Your Epidural Positioning Device solves both problems simply and effectively! "I hope this letter is of value to you in convincing other physicians to try this device. It has been of tremendous value to us.

Richard Berkman, M.D., Ph.D.
MedX Diagnostic and Treatment Center

Keeping our players healthy and on the field is the name of the game. The LAST table by Pivotal Health Solutions has revolutionized our exercise maintenance programs as well as our rehabilitative programs. Its unique design allows our athletes to work with full range of motion and helps them make the gains needed to excel at the professional baseball level. The LAST table is the most important piece of equipment in our athletic training room and it has played a key role in injury prevention and performance increases. The LAST table provides my athletes with the ability to work in various patterns and movements that most traditional tables are unable to accommodate.

Corey Tremble, ATC
Minor League Medical Coordinator, Detroit Tigers

After seeing an ad about the LAST table on a National Athletic Trainers' Association Web blast I took a chance and called. The staff at Pivotal Health Solutions was great. I purchased two tables, and after using the LAST tables in our new soccer, softball and track and field complex I purchased four more. My staff and I have been very pleased with the LAST table. I have not seen a more versatile table out there.

Murphy Grant, MS, ATC, PES, CES
Assistant Athletic Director Sports Medicine, Head Football Trainer, University of Kansas

The FAST Tools are great. I just got back from Finland with Team USA for the world championships and used them everyday. Best part is, they didn't take up too much room in the luggage, and I didn't have to worry about breaking them. FAST tools were my most valuable treatment tool while I was there!

Monti Sorem, DC, CSCS, EMT
Crossroads Pro C.A.R.E.

Concordia University is committed to being on the cutting edge in athletic facilities and best practices in sports medicine. One of the key components in helping us achieve this goal is partnering with The Athletic Edge. The whole process from designing the taping station to the final installation has been handled with the utmost professionalism. We are more than satisfied with the final product.

Glory Fung
Concordia University