PHS Chiropractic Selected as Exclusive Metal Drop Table Provider for Maximized Living

posted by on Sunday, June 1, 2014

PHS Chiropractic Selected as Exclusive Metal Drop Table Provider

for Maximized Living

Company will also donate a table for Maximized Living’s new Dream Center facility for underserved populations

Watertown, S.D., June 2014 — PHS Chiropractic, one of the U.S.’s largest manufacturers of high-quality chiropractic adjusting tables and equipment, has been chosen as the exclusive metal drop table provider for Maximized Living, a national franchise of chiropractic clinics that focuses on holistic health care based on five health essentials.

Both patients and chiropractic doctors with Maximized Living’s current and new franchises will benefit from a custom-built version of PHS Chiropractic’s Metal Drop Table. The table is built of quarter-inch steel plates for ruggedness and durability to meet Maximized Living’s high patient volumes. Affordably priced, it also features three drops—forward cervical, thoracic and lumbo/pelvic—along with an optional chest and pelvic prop specially designed to allow doctors to deliver Maximized Living’s specific package of chiropractic techniques effectively and efficiently.

PHS Chiropractic also donated a custom Metal Drop Table to Maximized Living’s new health center within the Los Angeles-based nonprofit Dream Center. A project of the Maximized Living Foundation, the new center will bring Maximized Living’s five health essentials to those who need it most: homeless families, victims of human trafficking, foster families who are struggling, drug and alcohol addicts, and others who are served by the Dream Center. The Maximized Living Health Center in the Dream Center is set to open in June 2014.

"I chose PHS Chiropractic because of its reputation of very high quality and excellent customer service," said Dr. Anthony Nalda, DC, Essential 2 Spinal Correction Instructor of Maximized Living Health Center. "As a leading U.S. manufacturer, PHS Chiropractic also has the tools and expertise to make a custom-built table, make many of them and make them very well—all in a professional manner that helps us meet our bottom line. In addition, PHS Chiropractic has worked closely with Bob Ramsey, Chief Operating Officer of Maximized Living, giving an outpouring of support for the new Maximized Living Foundation Health Center located in The Dream Center in Los Angeles, Calif. PHS Chiropractic has been unbelievable, and we look forward to growing together as partners."

“Providing quality equipment at a fair price so that doctors can treat their patients with the proper techniques is at the heart of what PHS Chiropractic is all about,” said Jim Engels, Chief Executive Officer of Pivotal Health Solutions, the parent company of PHS Chiropractic. “We were honored to be chosen by Maximized Living to produce and custom-built tables for their clinics across the U.S., and are proud to support the mission and goals of Maximized Living as it continues to deliver holistic health care to the general public through its franchise clinics and to the underserved through its inaugural Dream Center location.”

Maximized Living has nearly 500 chiropractic doctors in 92 clinics nationwide and is planning to open an additional 70 clinics in the coming year to help support its corporate mission of reaching 34 million Americans, a percentage of the population considered to be the tipping point in making vital changes in health care. Maximized Living’s five health essentials include: Maximized Mind; Maximized Nerve Supply; Maximized Quality Nutrition; Maximized Oxygen and Lean Muscle; and Minimized Toxins.

The custom-built version of the Metal Drop Table is also being offered to the general public. For more, visit

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